What if there was a methodology, once put into practice, that could help you safely and quickly take charge of your fear of the dentist and help you achieve the smile, the confidence and the peace of mind you have longed for?

What if there was a road you could take to set FREE your fear of the dentist, would you take it? 

When you learn how to take charge of your fear of the dentist and let go of any embarrassment, you get to empower and prepare yourself before walking through the door to the dentist and feel more in control and calm because of it.


You’ll start to feel more confident and happier in yourself and much more at ease with having regular dental check-ups and treatments. You can start to let go of any niggles in the back of your mind about your health and dental well-being.


Let go of the feeling of being embarrassed about your fear, and your friends, family and dentist get to see a happier and more confident you!

"Helping you take     charge of your   dental fear
and phobia"

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Your Body

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Release your fear and anxiety & Discover your inner Calm with meditation, breathing and your mind

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Your Inner Scared Parts and Self

Connect to your Inner Parts with the beautiful and powerful methodology of Internal Family Systems.


Resolve your fear of the dentist

in a safe and empowering way

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The Confident 

Dental Patient:

Plan, Prepare & Practice

Empower yourself as a dental patient!

Take charge of your fear at home BEFORE going to the dentist by learning how to Plan, Prepare & Practice for Success

"Empower yourself   at home BEFORE   going to the   dentist" 

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"Working with Helena on my dental fears was an absolute joy. I shared with her some really vulnerable truths that I hadn’t shared with anyone before and these truths were held with professionalism, respect and compassion.

I also enjoyed the process of using Internal Family Systems to give voice to the different parts of me that were connected to my dental fears and she also shared some really incredible mindset / practical tips for dealing with anxiety in the chair.


Highly recommended for anyone who wants to run a mile at the mere sound of the word, “dentist”."

Louise, 36 UK


About Helena





Dental Anxiety Coach

Integral Master Coach™


Trauma Therapist & Specialist


Helena Alder

  • Dentist, C.Odont, UiB Norway, 2004

  • Internal Family Systems Level 2

  • Integral Master Coach™, 2011

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner®

  • Member of International Coach Federation, ICF, ACC Level 

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Having helped dental patients overcome their fears and embarrassment for over 15 years as a dentist in private practice, for the first time you will find all my expertise available through my work here at Fear The Dentist No More. 


My patients were raving about my gentle and effective approach, and many were helped to feel as if “the dentist” is just like any other person that is simply here to “help me with my teeth”.


When you have learnt and put into practice my scientifically proven strategies as well as my practical tools and techniques to help you take charge of your fear of the dentist and any embarrassment once and for all, you will be able to walk through the door to the dentist with inner calm and confidence.


With my expertise as an Integral Master Coach™ for over 10 years, and with additional qualifications in trauma resolution – Somatic Experiencing® and Internal Family Systems, I am honoured to have helped hundreds of dental patients take charge of and transform their fear of the dentist so that they could have more peace of mind once and for all.

This is also my wish for you! 


What Happy

"Working with Helena has completely transformed my dental experience. 

Through the process of acknowledging, being heard and having my feelings of fear and distress witnessed, I experienced an initial relief that developed into a deeper sense of trust as the process continued.  This in itself was amazing given that I knew Helena to be a dentist, and I have a general mistrust of dentists! 

However, Helena's knowledge of dentistry was also a great support as I found I could check technical information and therefore build trust with my own dentist, when Helena reassured me that the information I had been given was correct. 

She was also able to  suggest ways of communicating that enabled an easier connection with my dentist and less fear for me, around the work being done. 

I feel that being a skilled dentist, a trauma therapist and a professional coach is a powerful combination that allows Helena to offer specialist levels of support and healing to anyone suffering from dental trauma."

- Kate Friendship.