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Fear Less.
Live More. 

Every anxious dental patient has the ability to overcome their fear of the dentist. I am here to help you achieve that – from the comfort of your own home!


I was a dentist for 15 years. I realised that what I was able to offer my anxious patients to relieve their fear in a busy daily practice was limited.


So I decided to focus whole-heartedly on helping you as a dental patient to empower yourself to take charge of your fear – between dental appointments from the comfort of your own home.


I did this by creating the Fear No More Method. 

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What is the
Fear No More Method? 

The Fear No More Method is a simple and effective method that addresses the 4 core areas, or 4 Pillars, of how to become a calm and empowered dental patient.

It is based on all my work through the years as a dentist and then as a full-time coach and therapist helping fearful dental patients overcome their fear.

Most fearful dental patients want to run a mile when they hear the word "dentist", let alone talk about or think about their fear.  

That's why I created the Fear No More Method.

As so many dental patients are afraid to even think about their fear, I worked to identify a way where minimal effort and time are required to overcome your fear. The result was the 4 Pillars and the Fear No More Method.

You can finally get that beautiful smile you long for or simply stop wasting all your energy just to get through the door to the dentist. 

In short, the Fear No More Method helps you once and for all face your fear and calmly get through the door to the dentist.

This method is a system, once practiced and internalized will stay with you for a life-time.   

The Fear No More Method is based on 4 powerful Pillars




The first Pillar of the Fear No More Method is Mindset. This is where you learn to take charge of your anxious mind, and I include your emotions and healing past dental traumas here.


The power of the mind is a huge resource you can learn to leverage. Thoughts and past experiences have a powerful influence on how we experience fear, so getting to know the "thought scripts" you are running about dentistry and updating them is a key practice here. 



Why would I want to relax at the dentist? you might ask. That sounds crazy! It can feel counter intuitive to relax in a stressful situation. However, Relaxation is the second Pillar of the Fear No More Method because it is easier to take charge of any situation at the dentist when you are more relaxed. 

There is also a feedback loop between the body and the mind. A tense body fuels a tense and anxious mind, and the good news: a relaxed body fuels a relaxed and "in charge" mind.




In this third Pillar I include how to take charge of and leverage relationships for support. This means talking to your dentist, sharing about your fears, asking friends or family for support etc. Having a kind and caring dentist that you feel comfortable and safe with and can communicate openly with is of utmost importance. 

Practicing this pillar at home before going to the dentist means preparing what you will talk about. What questions do you have, what do you need to feel safe etc.? What are your boundaries in the dental setting?




This fourth Pillar is the Pillar that underpins them all. By preparing and practicing the different Pillars at home before going to the dentist, you are putting yourself in the driver's seat rather than leaning only on the dentist to help you with your fears. 


By thinking through your dental visit before hand, you have a plan, meaning your anxious brain can relax and you can take action much more easily because you know what to do and when to do it. In this way you set yourself up for success and a more easeful dental visit.  

The 4 Pillars principles & benefits

  • I always recommend putting the 4 Pillars into action together

  • They unlock maximum benefit together because you are addressing 4 different and equally important core areas or perspectives of seeing the dentist 

  • This will offer reduced anxiety and stress levels

  • Increased self-compassion 

  • Increased sense of empowerment and control

  • The 4 Pillars become a skill you can transfer to any area of your life where you experience anxiety or stress 

What Happy

"Working with Helena has completely transformed my dental experience. 

Through the process of acknowledging, being heard and having my feelings of fear and distress witnessed, I experienced an initial relief that developed into a deeper sense of trust as the process continued.  This in itself was amazing given that I knew Helena to be a dentist, and I have a general mistrust of dentists! 

However, Helena's knowledge of dentistry was also a great support as I found I could check technical information and therefore build trust with my own dentist, when Helena reassured me that the information I had been given was correct. 

She was also able to  suggest ways of communicating that enabled an easier connection with my dentist and less fear for me, around the work being done. 

I feel that being a skilled dentist, a trauma therapist and a professional coach is a powerful combination that allows Helena to offer specialist levels of support and healing to anyone suffering from dental trauma."

- Kate Friendship.


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