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I empower embarrassed dental patients to safely take charge of their fear in the comfort of their own home, to calmly get through the door to the dentist, feel healthy and have the confidence and smile they long for.

"Working with Helena on my dental fears was an absolute joy. I shared with her some really vulnerable truths that I hadn’t shared with anyone before and these truths were held with professionalism, respect and compassion.


I enjoyed the process of using internal family systems to give voice to the different parts of me that were connected to my dental fears and she also shared some really incredible mindset / practical tips for dealing with anxiety in the chair.


Highly recommended for anyone who wants to run a mile at the mere sound of the word, “dentist”.

Louise, 36 UK

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Image by David Marcu


  • Be anxious at the thought of booking an appointment with your dentist.

  • Class yourself as fearful or phobic about seeing the dentist. 

  • Be putting off going to the dentist unless you are in pain, or it's been a really long time since last visit.

  • Had difficult or overwhelming experiences in the past at the dentist.

  • Have specific things at the dentist that terrify you.

  • Feel your only option is to push yourself to go to the dentist at each exam and feel great relief it's another 6-12 months until the next time.

  • Avoid dentistry all together.

  • Feel stressed out about seeing the dentist during COVID-19.

If any of these points describe you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


  • Have an easier and calmer time as you go and see your dentist? 

  • Feel more in charge of your fear rather than your fear controlling you?

  • Let go of your fear of dentistry all together? Healing past fears and distress related to your dental experiences during our sessions is actually completely possible by using the powerful methodology of Internal Family Systems.

  • Empower yourself by learning about the 4 Types of Dental Control you can take, and get a clear understanding of your specific fears as they relate to dentistry and get tailored strategies to help you deal with these?

If so, an average of 1 - 5 sessions with me are needed depending on the severity of your dental fear.


I don't bite!


And I'd love to have a chat with you about how I am able to help you address your unique fears and anxieties about dentistry. 

Meet Mark. He was avoiding going to the dentist unless he really had to. Our work together over 4 one to one sessions helped him understand the root of his fear of the dentist and helped him resolve it to a large extent. He went from being a "7/10" to a "1.5-2/10" over the course of the 4 one to one sessions.


These days he can think about going to the dentist and it doesn't create that instant fear response he used to have. Instead it is much easier, and as he explains in the video: he can now go to the dentist and have a check-up without feeling exhausted for the rest of the day afterwards. 

Here is the video of a conversation I recorded with Mark where he talks about our work together:


Hi, it's great to meet you, and welcome to my web-site. I help dental patients heal their fear of the dentist mainly using the beautiful and powerful methodology of Internal Family Systems integrated with Somatic Experiencing®. I also weave in coaching tools and skills to serve my clients deeply when needed.

As someone who has treated dental patients for over 15 years and who did what I could to support my patients navigate and manage their fear, it became clear to me that I needed more tools in my toolbox than just my calm and gentle manner. 

On my own personal journey alongside being a dentist, I also trained in various modalities and learned how to work with healing and trauma as well as developing coaching skills. 

I grew up in a family of dentistry. My dad was a dentist, my mum was a dental nurse and one of my older sisters was also a dentist. So, you might say I was genetically influenced when choosing dentistry as a career path!

Fast forward a good few years, with my own personal journey and discovering spirituality and many maps and models for learning, I moved away from clinical dentistry into my very own full time private coaching and therapy practice a few years ago. 

You can visit my integrated therapy and coaching web-site here: Home | Helenaalder

Meet Helena





Dental Anxiety Coach

Integral Master Coach™


Trauma Therapist

Helena Alder

  • Dentist, C.Odont, UiB Norway, 2004

  • Internal Family Systems Level 1

  • Integral Master Coach™, 2011

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Provisional certification

  • Member of International Coach Federation, ICF, ACC Level 

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Image by Maxim Potkin

How It Works

Empowering You With

4 Types of Dental Control

What Can I Expect from a Session?

It is shown that when patients have a perceived sense of control when at the dentist, their fear levels go down. 

I teach my clients about the 4 Types of Dental Control to help them take charge and exercise control when at the dentist. 

The 4 Types of Dental Control are: 

  • Control of your Anxious Body

  • Control of your Anxious Mind

  • Control via Gathering Information (or not)

  • Control via Reviewing and Healing Past Experiences (recent or old)

The key is here to actually prepare at home in a safe environment will make this much easier to put into action.

Resolving Past Overwhelm

The heart of my work with my clients revolve around healing past overwhelming experiences and phobia at the dentist alongside offering tools and tips to support taking charge of your anxious body and mind to set free your fear.

The main modality I use for this powerful and transformative healing work is called Internal Family Systems which helps you access your own inner sense of calm, confidence and clarity with regards to your fear.


I'll help you resolve and reduce your fear by accessing and communicating with the anxious parts of you that are working hard to protect you from the perceived unsafe situation of dentistry, and we also from there get to know the younger parts that hold the overwhelming experiences of the past and help them heal and release these burdens. 

First we will discuss what you would like to achieve through working with me. You will not have to re-tell or re-live any difficult event(s) that led to your fear of the dentist unless you want to.

My main focus is to support you in a safe way where I will ultimately get to heal your fear.

We will create a plan of action for you based on what you would like to achieve.

This can involve looking at


you can take as a patient. With each type of control there are different tools and exercises I offer, and I will tailor these to meet you in your situation.


I will then offer very practical ways of putting these into action for you, and I will safely guide you by using the powerful modality of Internal Family Systems to help you heal any past fear for you to fully empower yourself as a dental patient.

Each session lasts 60 minutes, and anything between 1-5 sessions on average are needed.

Toolkit for Anxious Dental Patients

- My Online Course

After having worked with thousands of phobic and fearful patients, I have put together this Toolkit For Anxious Dental Patients with all the best tips, tools and techniques to help you take charge of your fear of the dentist once and for all in a SAFE way from the comfort of your own home.

Access my Online Course - 26 Lessons, 14 Worksheets and 11 Guided Audios to help you set free your fear and phobia of the dentist in a safe way.


What Happy



"Working with Helena has completely transformed my dental experience. 

Through the process of acknowledging, being heard and having my feelings of fear and distress witnessed, I experienced an initial relief that developed into a deeper sense of trust as the process continued.  This in itself was amazing given that I knew Helena to be a dentist, and I have a general mistrust of dentists! 

However, Helena's knowledge of dentistry was also a great support as I found I could check technical information and therefore build trust with my own dentist, when Helena reassured me that the information I had been given was correct. 

She was also able to  suggest ways of communicating that enabled an easier connection with my dentist and less fear for me, around the work being done. 

I feel that being a skilled dentist, a trauma therapist and a professional coach is a powerful combination that allows Helena to offer specialist levels of support and healing to anyone suffering from dental trauma."

- Kate Friendship.


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