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Fear Less.
Live More. 

Every fearful dental patient has the ability to overcome their fear of the dentist.


My mission is to help as many dental patients as possible to let go of life long or embarrassing fear of the dentist and to calmly walk through the door to the dental surgery. 

The way I do this is like two wings of a bird: The first wing is to help dental patients release past dental traumas using the powerful method of Internal Family Systems, giving voice to parts inside that have carried the fear that they can now let go of in a totally safe way.  Learn more here.

The second wing is to teach all my clients the 4 Pillars of the Fear No More Method. This includes specific tools of the 4 Pillars and how they fit together in a specific way. These are tools you can use to prepare to enter and walk out of the dental surgery with an inner calm. Learn more here.

These "two wings" can be practiced on their own, or for the most effective result, I recommend putting them into action together. 

I was a dentist for 15 years before becoming a full-time coach and trauma release expert. I work exclusively online with dental patients from all over the world.

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Mountains Meet Lake

"You can finally get the beautiful smile you long for or simply let go of any embarrassment or fear."

"Release your calm at the dentist by safely giving voice to your inner scared parts."
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What is the
Fear No More Method? 

Most fearful dental patients want to run a mile when they hear the word "dentist", let alone talk about or think about their fear.  

That's why I created the Fear No More Method.

As so many dental patients are afraid to even think about their fear, I worked to identify a way where minimal effort and time are required to overcome the fear. The result was the Fear No More Method with its 4 Pillars.

You can finally get that beautiful smile you long for or simply stop wasting so much energy just to get through the door to the dentist!

In short, the Fear No More Method helps you once and for all face your fear and calmly get through the door to the dentist.

This method is a system, once practiced and internalized will stay with you for a lifetime.   

It is in short, a combination of resolving past overwhelming dental experiences or traumatic experiences, and then learning the 4 Pillars to integrate the strategies and tools that work for you when seeing the dentist.


This powerful combination will help you feel fully in charge as you walk through the door to the dental surgery. 

The Fear No More Method is

Based on 4 Powerful Pillars:


1. Mindset


The first Pillar of the Fear No More Method is Mindset. This is where you learn to take charge of your anxious mind.


I include how to change your dental mindset, your self-talk as well as your emotions and healing past dental traumas here.


2. Relaxation

"Why would I want to relax at the dentist? That sounds crazy!" It can feel counter intuitive to relax in a stressful situation. Trust me, I know!

However, relaxation is the second Pillar of the Fear No More Method because it is easier to take charge of any situation at the dentist when you are more relaxed. 


3. Communication


This third Pillar includes taking charge of and leveraging your relationships for support. This means talking to your dentist, sharing about your fears, asking friends or family for support etc.


Having a kind and caring dentist that you feel comfortable and safe with and can communicate openly with is also of utmost importance. 


4. Preparation


This is the Pillar that underpins them all. By preparing and practicing the different Pillars at home before going, you give your anxious brain a plan of action. This in itself is calming.

It also means putting yourself in the driver's seat rather than looking to the dentist only to help you with your fears. 

4 Pillars

The 4 Pillars
& Benefits:

  • The 4 Pillars work together in a specific way

  • They unlock maximum benefits and release of fear of the dentist when put into action together ​​​​

  • Patients say they experience reduced anxiety and stress levels and greater inner calm at the dentist​

  • Patients report increased self-compassion 

  • Once internalized and practiced the Fear No More Method and its 4 Pillars will stay with you for a life time

What Happy


Helena completely changed my life and made me look at WHY I was frightened of the dentist and HOW to change my thinking and how to cope with this fear. I couldn't even attend an appointment - I would book it and then find a reason to cancel!


After just 4 sessions with Helena, I attended an appointment, I had a checkup, and then I reattended for treatment. I feel talking about my fears helps me deal with them in a different way and conquer them. She is a kind, non-judgemental person and a really easy person to speak with! I hadn't been to the dentist in nearly 10 years prior to this therapy!

Maria Hewitt

4 Sessions


Start Learning

The Fear No More Method & The 4 Pillars Today

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