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Meet Helena 

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  • Dental Trauma Specialist

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Welcome to my website where I draw on my many years of experience as a dentist, and then as a full time Integral Master Coach™ and Therapist with specialty in treating dental trauma

My goal is to make my offerings here fun, inspiring and interesting to you as a fearful dental patient. You will find many tools and tips here from my background in coaching, therapy as well as dentistry. Fear breeds fear, and I want to help you turn that around.


To me, empowerment breeds empowerment and inner calm. 

I am here to empower you as a fearful dental patient to take charge of any fear and embarrassment, and to help you calmly walk through the door to the dentist. 

I believe that when you take charge of your fear in this area of dentistry you will feel more empowered, confident and happy, you can get the smile you long for, and you’ll also flourish in other areas of your life too.

When I was a dentist, my patients would hand me their power to feel safe and in charge of their fear. 

I now want to hand that power back to you. To me, the two most important things to master your fear of the dentist, is to prepare at home and release the burdens from your past dental traumas. 

It's time for you to deal with your fear once and for all, and I will teach you the map that you can apply going forward.


You might want to feel confident, empowered, in charge and get that beautiful smile you long for.


Or you might simply want to not waste a huge amount of energy and worry to simply get yourself through the dentists' door. 


Either way, to be in charge and at ease with regards to dentistry is now within your reach. 

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Helping dental patients empower themselves and unburdening and healing past dental traumas is simply my huge passion of mine.

The reason being that there is a huge amount of fear and also energy that is actually stuck in the past when it comes to dental traumas or fearful believes dental patients can hold.


I help my clients resolve their past overwhelming experiences or beliefs they have picked up from others.


And by doing so - together with the client - I help these fearful parts of the client come into the present moment and this huge amount of energy can get released - and in fact be put to good use in other areas of your life! 

A bit about me. I was born into a family of dentistry. 


My dad was a gum disease specialist, my mum a dental nurse and one of my sisters also a dentist. So you might say my choice to become a dentist was genetic.  

I realized early in my career, however, that I was equally interested in the person behind the teeth and how to help them with their fear and not just the teeth themselves.

Hence pursuing my passion for helping my patients more deeply I took the leap into coaching, certifying as an Integral Master Coach™ in 2011. From there I moved into specializing in treatment of trauma in the powerful methods of Somatic Experiencing® and Internal Family Systems.


It's been a game changer for the dental patients I work with. 

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In my career I have routinely helped dental patients


  • Overcome their fears and phobias related to dentistry

  • Develop a personalized strategy and plan to implement the 4 Pillars of the Fear No More Method to help them calmly walk through the door to the dental surgery

  • Significantly reduce their anxiety and fear that comes from past overwhelming dental experiences

  • Discover the inner calm and feeling empowerment that comes from facing their fear in this safe way

My approach is for you if

  • You are ready to empower yourself in dealing with you fear of the dentist by trying a different approach

  • You want a beautiful smile and the confidence that comes with that

  • You no longer want to put off taking action

  • You recognize that forcing yourself through the door to the dentist gets you there, but it leaves you feeling totally depleted and exhausted afterwards

  • You have tried some recommendations you’ve found online - like breathing exercises or relaxation, but you freaked out and couldn’t understand what happened 

  • You realize that a simple, but effective system that covers the 4 main Pillars of calmly facing your fear can prevent the freak outs and induce the feeling of control

  • You want to feel calm, happy and in charge when seeing your dentist

  • You are willing to put in some time for putting the 4 Pillars into action at home before going to the dentist

"Working with Helena on my dental fears was an absolute joy. I shared with her some really vulnerable truths that I hadn’t shared with anyone before and these truths were held with professionalism, respect and compassion.

I also enjoyed the process of using Internal Family Systems to give voice to the different parts of me that were connected to my dental fears and she also shared some really incredible mindset / practical tips for dealing with anxiety in the chair.


Highly recommended for anyone who wants to run a mile at the mere sound of the word, “dentist”."

Louise, 36 UK

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