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Case Studies

Below you will find a growing number of Case Studies.


Different clients will have different fears and background when it comes to their past dental traumas, and I feel honored and excited to keep adding to this growing data base of success stories. 

Case Study 1
Meet Mark

mark pic.png

Mark was avoiding going to the dentist unless he really had to, putting it off for as long as he could. He felt anxious and scared, and he couldn't quite put his finger on clearly why that was. 

I worked with him for four 1-2-1 Sessions which helped him understand the root of his fear of the dentist and helped him resolve and transform it. His fear went from being a "8/10" to a "2-3/10" over the course of the 4 sessions.


He now has energy after seeing the dentist instead of feeling completely wiped out. This has given him much more peace of mind and a feeling of finally being in charge as a dental patient! 

Here is a 6 minute video where he shares about his experience:

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