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Free Mini Course

Learn the Basics of the Fear No More Method in this Free Mini Course

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free mini course:

5 videos on:

  • Explanation of the 4 Pillars of the Fear No More Method 

  • How the 4 Pillars fit together  

  • Why that matters in easily taking charge of your fear of the dentist 

  • Learn the 4 Core Tools I teach ALL my clients 

  • How to apply the Tools straight away if you have an urgent dental appointment coming up 


1st Pillar: The Power of Your Dental Mindset 

What is your dental mindset, and how can you start to take charge of your mindset to immediately reduce your fear? In this video I will use the tool of Self-Talk and introduce a very simple, but core exercise that can start to turn your fear around straight away. 

2nd Pillar: The Power of Relaxation 

Relaxation is often scary if practiced just on its own in an unsafe situation (i.e. at the dentist). Learn why it matters to practice relaxation in combination with the other pillars and supercharge your ability to relax in the dental chair.  


3rd Pillar: The Power of Communication 

Getting clear on your communication with your dentist and learn why setting a boundary is so important when it comes to letting go of your fear. I will teach a simple core Tool that is always useful for any time you see the dentist.  


4th Pillar: The Power of Preparation  

This is the superpower that underpins all the other pillars, as getting prepared and ready for your dental visit at home, is where the magic happens. By planning ahead and getting prepared you will know what to do when on your journey to seeing the dentist, and this will help your anxious parts and nervous system to relax.  

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