Connect to Your Scared Parts

Did you know there is a powerful and effective way to resolve your fear of the dentist?

So, do you want to have a beautiful smile, or to rest assured that your teeth and gums are healthy or that your confidence can flourish as you are happy and not worried teeth? However, do you feel too scared to go to the dentist regularly, or your force yourself pushing through when you do have to go? 

First of all - you are not alone! I saw thousands of patients that felt like this. 

When I was a dentist I used to help my patients with their fear by being as gentle, kind and compassionate as I could be. This worked to a degree, yet, next appointment I could still see my patients arrive with the trepidation or fear on their faces. I realized I wanted to do more to help - not just to manage the fear, but to help resolve it. 

That is when I discovered the powerful approach of Internal Family Systems which an approach that recognizes how we actually have many different parts or subpersonalities inside, and these parts are the ones that hold the fear of the dentist, and they also carry the unresolved dental experiences from the past. 


This may sound strange to you, however, it is extremely powerful and allows for the past to be resolved in a safe way – where the patient gets to feel empowered by helping, setting free and actually healing these parts that have been trapped in the past.

In IFS we also propose that we all have a Self inside – a Self that is not a part, the you that is resourced, calm, confidence, connected, compassionate… which may be far from how you feel when you think about or go to the dentist.

A Hug

As we work with the parts that are involved in the fear of the dentist, we may recognize anxious parts, or fearful or panicky ones… or the parts that make patients avoid the dentist at all cost…

They are all trying to help in the best way they know how to… and as the parts are recognized you can in fact dialogue with them, and by doing so, you get to help them!

The way I work is to help my clients resolve and heal their dental past and traumas, which is supporting them resolve their fear at its root.


In addition to this I also teach them simple strategies to help them feel empowered and in control for when they do go to see the dentist. I find this is the most effective and powerful combination, empowering my clients to take charge of their fear BEFORE going to the dentist.