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Why Did I Create the Fear No More Method?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

When I was a dentist I realised that most patients that I saw that were afraid would force themselves to come to the appointment, they would look to me to help them with their fear and then run out the door once the appointment was over hoping not to see me again for a long time... naturally. And when they came back for the next appointment whenever that might be, the fear would be mostly unchanged.

This may or may not sound familiar to you, however, I guess you get the picture!

Based on all my work as a dentist, as an Integral Master Coach and as a Trauma Release Expert, I wanted to create a simple and effective way for scared dental patients to take charge of their fear at home BEFORE going to the dentist, making their time AT the dentist much easier and more doable, meaning they didn't have to spend so much energy just getting through the door to the dental surgery.

When I looked at the key areas that would ideally be addressed to take charge of any fear of the dentist, 4 key areas stood out, and these became the 4 Pillars: Mindset, Relaxation, Communication and Preparation.

The result was the Fear No More Method.

I wanted to teach scared dental patients how to empower themselves and rely less on the dentist to help them with their fear. Having a dentist as someone you trust is still a key component of the Fear No More Method (as the 3rd Pillar of Communication teaches), however, by choosing at least one Tool from each of the Pillars you can take charge of your fear and become the calm and confident dental patient you want to be by learning how the Pillars fit together. This is why the Fear No More Method is so powerful in my experience.

The results with my clients have been amazing, and the general feedback is that the Fear No More Method helps to create a sense of empowerment because my clients get to understand how to deal with their fear of the dentist, what tool from each Pillar is most effective from them, and even better, they get to take charge of their fear from the comfort of their own home.

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